Using the improved triple action free float system, increased motor speed and new SensoFoilâ„¢, the brand new Series 3 not just delivers even better shaving performance on 3-day beards, but is also incredibly smooth on skin. Wet and dry shaving is the best way of taking out the hairs available inside the skin regions of the face area.
Braun 3series 380s-4 wet dry shaver is a shaver that can be used in wet and dry shaving. A wet dry shaver lessens skin irritation by as much as 30 % in every use. Its built-in skin conditioners also it functions differently when compared to other shavers designed with rotary systems. It is equipped with precision long hair trimmers that are perfectly made to shave the beard, sideburns and moustache of its users. A 100 % water-resistant wet dry shaver may be washed with water if this needs to be cleaned. When it is accustomed to shave the beard and other kinds of hair that grows in the face, the smoothness of the skin will never be affected.

Braun 380S Features
Braun 3series 380s-4 wet dry shaver is not just a regular shaver. It provides maximum satisfaction to any or all of their users. In addition, it protects your skin of their users while making their face neat and free of beard, sideburns and moustache. Here are the characteristics of this wet dry shaver:
LED Display
The product has an LED display among its best features. Such display consumes lower power rate and its helps the users of this wet dry shaver to monitor battery level as the product is still being used. It shows a warning sign to the users when its battery must be charged.
Rechargeable Battery
This feature helps make the wet dry shaver user-friendly. Ni-MH battery is a very powerful power source set up in this product to make sure that its users will be able to save lots of money after purchasing this wet dry shaver.
Triple Action Cutting System
Braun 380S-4 wet dry shaver cuts smoothly. This wet dry shaver is equipped with three different cutting factors that are capable of cutting long and short hairs easily.
Fully Washable and Waterproof
For much better cleaning process, the manufacturer of this wet dry shaver chose to get this to product shielded from water. It had been permitted once the waterproof feature was put in its advantages. Therefore, its users can already wash it with water that is clean in each use to get rid of the supplies of trimmed hair in the cutting systems.
Precision Long Hair Trimmer
The existence of this feature helps make the wet dry shaver perfect for trimming beards, moustache and sideburns. Because of this technology, the skin places that the cutting system of the Braun 380S-4 wet dry shaver will go through will never lose its smoothness.
SensoFoil Technology
The existence of the optimized foil helps this wet dry shaver to cut the hairs in a very efficient way. In addition, it helps to make the shaving process much easier.

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